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Semiconductor market China 2009
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Dear All,

The economic environment changed so much in 2008, and the worldwide financial crisis is fierce increasingly, the world economic start to decline, at the same time, the growth of Chinese economic postponed gradually, and export situation became much poorer. It does influence the Chinese semiconductor market, many companies faced with difficulty. Forecasts in 2009, the domestic and foreign semiconductor market will still face the huge challenge, but simultaneously also many emerging applications bring innovation opportunity. Facing this situation, seeks in the emerging market leads the enterprise progressive commercial opportunity, builds in the policy environment is advantageous encourages the atmosphere in the industrial development, is important topic which the numerous semiconductor enterprises need to perform to deal earnestly.

In view of these questions, CSIA, Match Group, and SICA will hold a meeting ¡°IC market China 2009 from February 25th, 2009 to 26th at east Shanghai Zhang Jiang dragon commercial hotel. The meeting will focus on the subject of fluctuating of market. The meeting will invite world famous semiconductor company and other institution for Chinese hot questions, Match Group and SHANGHAI ZHANGJIANG responsible for this meeting.

Honestly invites the units concerned to attend this meeting, improve the development of semiconductor China together.

For details please find attached file

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